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The Power to Choose the Best Electricity & Natural Gas Plan in Sunman, Indiana

For over 20 years, Just Energy has been delivering low-cost, reliable electricity and natural gas to our US and Canadian customers. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your energy needs, including electricity, natural gas, green energy product options, and energy efficiency solutions. As a resident of Sunman, Indiana, you get the advantage of a deregulated energy market. That means you can choose the energy provider that’s right for your needs. But with so many offerings competing for your attention, you may wonder: why Just Energy?
The Power to Choose
Just Energy doesn’t just offer you the choice of incredible energyplans. We also make it simple to sign up for the flexible contract length you need and switch between our electricity and natural gas plans whenever you want. Best of all, we provide top-of-the-line customer service to ensure you’ll never want to risk a transition to a new provider. When it comes to our energy products, we emphasize value, stability, and innovation. That’s why you can rest assured you’re always getting electricity and natural gas at a competitive price. Plus, our innovative attitude means we’re constantly improving our solutions to keep up with industry best practices and customers’ high expectations.
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Types of Electricity & Natural Gas Plans in Sunman, Indiana

Looking for great service? It’s easy to find the best electricity and natural gas plans with Just Energy. We have competitive, highly flexible natural gas and electricity packages for residential homeowners and commercial businesses in Sunman, Indiana.

All of our energy plans feature different variable contract lengths. This allows you to choose the plan that balances the flexibility you need with the rate you want to pay. Even if you decide you want a different Just Energy plan or contract length, call one of our representatives. We’ll help you make the switch at no cost to you. The best part? It won’t take long to get you signed up for a new energy plan.

Residential Energy Plans

Just Energy strives to be a great electricity and natural gas provider to homeowners in Sunman, Indiana. And we have a 20-year track record of doing just that for over a million happy customers.

At Just Energy, we work for you. That’s why you can always expect the best customer service and rates. Need electricity or natural gas today or want our help making your home more energy-efficient? We’re ready to lend a hand. Longer contract lengths usually have lower prices.

Fixed Rate Energy Plans

When you choose a Just Energy fixed-rate energy plan, your rate will never change. Period. The contracted rate you sign up for is the price you pay, regardless of whether the market price of electricity and natural gas goes up or down. Fixed-rate plans secure predictable energy bills and could save you money if energy rates skyrocket.

Variable Rate Energy Plans

Just Energy’s variable-rate energy plans fluctuate with local market prices. Compared to a fixed-rate plan, you’ll pay less when the market rate drops, but you aren’t protected in case rates spike. Variable-rate plans are risky, but some customers find that they’re worth it for the potential savings.

Business & Commercial Energy Plans

Just Energy also has experience servicing commercial businesses. Since 1997, we’ve served companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise-level companies. When you pick Just Energy to power your business, our expert advisors work with you to design a custom electricity rate or natural gas rate quote. Want to purchase renewable energy credits, or get the most flexible contract terms? We have the expertise and the products to give you the perfect energy plan for your budget and unique business requirements.

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The Benefits of Energy Deregulation in Sunman, Indiana

The Power to Choose

Deregulated energy markets empower you to make your own decision about energy suppliers. You can vet companies to ensure their prices, practices, and ethics align with yours. For example, if you use natural gas, you may worry about your emissions. With the power to choose a provider like Just Energy, you can access carbon offsets to help lessen your carbon footprint.

More Affordable Rates

Energy is a substantial portion of home and business expenses, but it doesn’t have to be when you reside in a deregulated energy market. Deregulation allows multiple energy providers to compete for your business. In a world where customers value affordable energy, the electricity and natural gas providers with the best rates win. This incentivizes providers like Just Energy to offer incredibly competitive rates to entice you to sign a contract.

Better Customer Service

Competition in deregulated energy markets doesn’t just mean better prices. It also means finding a new energy provider is easy. To keep you around, natural gas and electricity providers like Just Energy provide a customer service experience you’ll never forget. Our professionals can assist you with everything from choosing the right rate for your budget to switching between our incredible natural gas and electricity plans.

Ready to use your power to choose an energy plan in Sunman, Indiana? Call Just Energy today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after signing up in Sunman will Just Energy take effect as my supplier?

Finding the best electricity rates Depending on the region you’re located in, it may take up to several weeks for your enrollment to begin after you first sign your contract with Just Energy. If it has been longer than the approximate time below for your state, and you still do not see Just Energy listed on your utility bill, please contact us. State Approximate time to enrollment from signing Delaware 4 days California 1-2 billing cycles Georgia 7-10 days, or next billing cycle Illinois 5 days Indiana 5 days Maryland 7 days Massachusetts 8 days Michigan 3 days New Jersey 15 – 120 days New York 8 days Ohio 5 days Pennsylvania 8 days Texas 2 days.

Will my Sunman bill come directly from Just Energy?

In most cases, Just Energy does not bill separately from your utility for electricity or natural gas. Just Energy’s charges will appear as a separate line item on your utility bill. Only customers in Texas, Georgia, California, and Alberta receive their bill directly from Just Energy.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my Sunman Just Energy bill?

Refer to your plan’s Terms and Conditions to learn more about your contract. If you live in Texas or Alberta, most questions regarding your bill can be answered simply by logging in to your Just Energy online account. Need to speak to a customer care agent directly? Call 1-866-587-8674 to speak with someone who can help you with your account.

How can I cancel my Sunman Just Energy contract?

You can contact our customer service team to cancel your contract, but note that early termination fees may apply. Just Energy Customer Service: 1-877-240-3931.

How do I pay my Sunman bill?

Just Energy does not bill separately from your Sunman utility bill in most states and territories, it is simply listed as your supplier. Contact your utility to determine what methods can be used to pay your bill.

Is Just Energy charging me for my supply only?

Your Sunman contract with Just Energy covers your electricity and/or natural gas supply costs and JustGreen if you choose to enroll. If you choose to enroll in additional contracts, such as an ecobee payment plan, you may see these charges on your bill as well. If your electricity and/or natural gas bill does not come directly from Just Energy, but from your local utility provider, you’ll receive a separate bill for your additional product contract from Just Energy.

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