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Texas’ Energy Marketplace Explained

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Key Takeaways

  • In Texas, the “Power to Choose” refers to the rights afforded to energy customers in deregulated areas of the state to choose which companies to purchase energy from, as well as the energy marketplace website managed by the PUCT, powertochoose.org.
  • The Power to Choose in Texas resulted from energy deregulation, allowing residents to select their retail electricity providers (REPs) and energy plans.
  • The official Power to Choose website provides a centralized platform for exploring diverse REP offerings, empowering consumers with choice.
  • Holding a PUC license and listed on Power to Choose, Just Energy has offered credible and transparent energy options in Texas for over 20 years.
Energy choice in Texas is a direct result of energy deregulation, which has significantly impacted electricity rates and competition. Texans who want to save money on their electricity bill by choosing their retail electricity providers and energy plans can benefit from the official Power to Choose website.

You reap the benefits of having the best electricity plan for your specific situation by choosing your own provider and plan. Deregulation is intended to give you choices, so why not take advantage of your right to choose your energy provider in Texas’ deregulated electricity market?

If you call Texas home, odds are you’re in a market that lets you choose your electricity provider. Think of this page as your essential handbook for discovering Texas’s finest electricity plans.

Why Did PUCT Create Power to Choose?

When Texas deregulated its energy market in 2002, residents gained the power to choose their energy provider and electricity plan. Deregulation led to an independent marketplace with many retail electricity providers (REPs) with various rate plans to meet diverse energy needs.

Deregulation fuels competition among energy companies, each striving to offer the best energy plans. It fosters a market where business and residential customers can select and compare electricity plans tailored to their needs and budgets. To help Texans navigate this abundance of electricity options together, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) created powertochoose.org.

The Texas Power to Choose Website

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) established the Power to Choose website through powertochoose.org. It is a free and impartial resource providing consumers with a centralized platform to explore the diverse offerings of the state’s REPs.

The website collects information from REPs through an interactive comparison tool, creating a level playing field for consumers. It utilizes basic filters to facilitate an unbiased market and promote fair user choices.

However, it’s important to note that the website’s design is quite rudimentary, and some companies, unfortunately, exploit its simplicity with plans that utilize gimmicks to produce rates that look lower on the website but can actually end up costing consumers much more, challenging the concept of ‘the power to choose.’ Despite these limitations, the site remains a source of impartial information on plans offered by Texas electricity providers.

Ensuring Trust: Just Energy’s PUC License and Power to Choose Listing

Selecting a reputable Retail Electricity Provider (REP) in Texas is essential, and Just Energy secures your confidence in two key ways.

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PUC License

As an accredited Texas electricity provider, Just Energy holds a license from the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC), underscoring our commitment to compliance and transparent services. This license ensures that we operate within the state’s regulatory framework, providing you with a trustworthy energy service partner.

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Our Power to Choose Listing

Just Energy is listed on the official Power to Choose website, sanctioned by the PUC. Our presence on Power to Choose solidifies our legitimacy, offering you a credible option for your energy needs.

With Just Energy, you can confidently now choose energy from a reputable provider backed by a PUC license and official recognition on Power to Choose. Trust in our commitment to transparency and reliability for your energy requirements.

Power to Choose Texas

Your Gateway to Energy Freedom!

Unleash the power of choice with the official Power to Choose website by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). Since 2002, deregulation has empowered Texans to select their energy providers. Let’s explore how to navigate this marketplace and why Just Energy stands out as a trusted choice.


Deregulation in 2002 gave Texans the “Power to Choose.” As one of the original power companies registered that year, we’ve proudly been serving Texans since the beginning.

Power to Choose Website

Managed by PUCT, powertochoose.org is your central hub. It emerged to help you navigate the multitude of Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) and their plans.

Unlock Your Freedom

90% of Texans have the power to choose their electricity provider.*

Steps to Navigate Power to Choose

1  Enter your ZIP code

Use the Power to Choose Website to verify if your area participates in the deregulated energy market.

2 Explore Plans

Use the site’s comparison tool to understand plan basics: contract length, rate types, and green energy options.

3 Enroll

Sign up with a retail energy provider like Just Energy to enjoy your electricity, your way.

Just Energy: Your Trusted Choice

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20+ Years of Expertise

With over two decades of industry leadership, Just Energy boasts unparalleled expertise, serving over 1 million satisfied customers.

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PUC License

Hold confidence in Just Energy’s operations with our PUC license, ensuring compliance and transparency.

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Power to Choose Listing

Listed on the official Power to Choose website, Just Energy is your credible energy partner.

Just Energy’s Approach to Electricity Choices

When faced with the challenge of sifting through electricity plans, Just Energy stands out for its customer-friendly approach. Our team of trained call center technicians helps users select plans that match their needs and provides customized advice.

With Just Energy, you’re not just navigating the options alone; you have the advantage of personalized guidance from real people, making the process smoother and tailored to your specific requirements.

Your Power to Choose: How Deregulation Plays a Role

Back in 2002, Texas changed the game by promoting competition among different energy providers through retail energy deregulation, which separated the duties of energy production (handled by energy producers), distribution and grid maintenance (handled by utilities), and retail sales (addressed by REPs). Now, most Texans get to pick from different Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) for their homes and businesses.

While the ERCOT electricity market alone covers 90% of the Lone Star state, not all Texas cities have adopted energy deregulation. San Antonio and Austin are notable exceptions in this predominantly deregulated market.

Use your ZIP code as a key to find out if you can choose your power provider in your area. On the Power to Choose website, just enter your ZIP code, and quickly see if your area is part of the deregulated energy market or not.

Use the Website to Find the Best Energy Plan for Your Household

Benefit from electric choice in the deregulated Texas market with the Power to Choose. Most Texans can pick a REP that aligns with their needs. But why stop there? Make the choice even easier with Just Energy. Our friendly staff is ready to assist, ensuring a hassle-free enrollment on the best plan for your household.

Questions? We’ve got answers. Experience the simplicity and convenience of your energy experts choosing Just Energy for your electricity needs.

Navigating Energy Plans: A Streamlined Approach with Just Energy

Researching Rate Plans with the Power to Choose

Unlock the potential of the Power to Choose search tool as you explore electricity providers, compare plans, and dissect pricing per kilowatt-hour (kWh). A “Sort By: Price/kWh” selection for those prioritizing pricing unveils providers with the best rates. Dive into plan details—unique names, rate types, contract lengths, and renewable energy percentages—to understand the basics and find cheap electricity rates.

Looking into rate plans is super important. A flexible plan might be your go-to if you’re often on the move. On the flip side, a stable plan could be the way to go if you plan to stay put. Just remember, knowing about any special terms that might pop up is crucial.

Considering Just Energy’s Simplicity

Amidst the intricacies of Power to Choose, it’s noteworthy how enrolling with Just Energy stands out for its simplicity. Bypass the complexities of numerous providers and plans with our straightforward enrollment process. Experience a seamless transition to a plan that aligns precisely with your needs. The emphasis is on making the choice hassle-free and tailored to what works best for you.

Exploring Different Electricity Rate Plans

Choosing the right electricity plan is a personalized journey in the deregulated Texas energy market. Explore various options to uncover what aligns with your needs and preferences.

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Variable-Rate Plan

  • Rates respond to production costs incurred by alternate suppliers.
  • Influencing factors include fuel prices, maintenance, grid operation, and weather.
  • Initial rates are displayed by Power to Choose, with subsequent changes notified by your provider.
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Fixed-Rate Plan

  • Locked into a steady kilowatt-hour price for the contract duration.
  • Provides stability unaffected by market fluctuations during the contract period.
  • Power to Choose aids in identifying any cancellation fees for early termination.
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Indexed Rate Plan

  • Offers stability, tied to a published market price index.
  • Price per kilowatt-hour changes at specified points during the contract.
  • Be sure to consider any possible fees and look at the minimum power use requirements in the contract.

Escape Rising Energy Rates with Just Energy!

Over the past decade, Texas electricity prices surged by over 25%, as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Beat inflation and secure a stable, long-term rate with Just Energy today. Our user-friendly enrollment process and helpful staff ensure a seamless and informed experience, helping you confidently choose your ideal energy plan.

U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-861, Annual Electric Power Industry Report.

Year Customers Avg. Price to Ultimate Customers (cents/kWh)
2022 12,063,147 13.76
2021 11,815,251 12.11
2020 11,515,333 11.71
2019 11,366,639 11.76
2018 11,148,784 11.2
2017 10,809,494 11.01
2016 10,521,732 10.99
2015 10,318,006 11.56
2014 10,138,874 11.86
2013 9,954,303 11.35
2012 9,802,110 10.98
2011 9,621,481 11.08
2010 9,536,778 11.6
2009 9,491,971 12.38
2008 9,461,508 13.03
2007 9,166,849 12.34
2006 9,102,596 12.86
2005 8,823,252 10.93
2004 8,562,931 9.73
2003 8,493,309 9.16
2002 8,663,500 8.05


Choosing Sustainable Energy: Exploring Green Energy Plans

Selecting a green energy plan goes beyond environmental benefits—it has far-reaching impacts on the economy, health, and your budget.


Economic and Environmental Impact

  • Green energy technologies contribute to job creation, providing an economic boost by being more labor-intensive and reliant on local resources.
  • Reduced dependence on foreign nations enhances economic stability while mitigating the environmental impact of conventional power sources.

Health and Well-being

  • Green energy significantly reduces environmental pollutants, addressing health concerns like respiratory problems and allergies linked to conventional power.
  • Long-term health risks associated with conventional power sources, like coal and natural gas, are minimized with the adoption of green energy.

Budget-Friendly Options

  • Contrary to common belief, green energy plans can be competitively priced, making sustainable choices accessible for consumers.
  • Tools like Power to Choose facilitate provider comparisons, ensuring an informed and responsible choice without exceeding your budget.

Gaining More Control Over Your Electric Bill

Understanding the Impact of Weather on Electricity Rates

Extreme weather events, like the February 2021 winter storm in Texas, highlight the importance of carefully choosing your electricity provider, contract length, and plan. During this storm, electricity rates skyrocketed to $9 per kWh in some areas, a staggering 75 times the state average of 13 cents per kWh. Customers on variable rate, no-contract plans received outrageous bills in the thousands of dollars, and the catastrophe even led to the collapse of some less reputable retailers as well as regulatory changes. Opting for a fixed-rate plan, which guarantees pricing throughout the contract term, can shield you from such pricing spikes.

In a deregulated market, factors like supply and demand influence electricity pricing. Abundant supply usually leads to lower energy rates everywhere, while shortages drive prices higher. The winter storm is a poignant example, emphasizing the need for control over your electric rates by choosing a provider and plan that aligns your energy costs with your needs.

Managing Electricity Usage During Extreme Temperatures

Texas summers bring scorching temperatures, reaching well into the 100s on the hottest days. Historical records from 1936 and 1994 even show temperatures hitting a blistering 120°F. With air conditioning playing a crucial role in staying cool and safe, residential and commercial electricity usage significantly spikes during these hot months.

To have more control over your electrical bill, it’s essential to consider your electricity usage patterns and explore plans that offer stability. Just Energy provides a range of options to help you navigate these fluctuations. With many plan features, a user-friendly enrollment process, and friendly staff ready to assist, Just Energy ensures a seamless and informed experience for selecting the right plan that suits your needs, whether protecting against unexpected rate spikes or managing usage during extreme temperatures.


In Texas, picking your electricity isn’t just a task—it’s power in your hands. The Power to Choose means you decide, and Just Energy is your trusted energy provider.

With a PUC license and Power to Choose listing, Just Energy is like a friend you can count on. It’s not just about plans; it’s about trust and keeping things straightforward.

Whether it’s picking plans, going green, or handling crazy weather, Just Energy makes it easy. The Power to Choose is more than a tool; it’s your way of saying, “I’ve got this.”

So, in this journey of energy decisions, remember: with Just Energy, you’re not just choosing power; you’re choosing a simpler, reliable, and empowered energy future.

*Data taken from https://www.ercot.com/news/mediakit/backgrounder

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