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Moving homes? Take your services with you completely fee-free.1

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All Plans Include:

  • Take your services with you for free when you move.1
  • Switch plans seamlessly, no fees.2
  • Bilingual support in English and Spanish.
  • 25% discount on all HomeWater products.
  • Go green with our eco-friendly add-on.
  • Pay conveniently with our Auto Pay feature.
  • Add GoodBundle for extra discounts and benefits.
  • Get a $50 bill credit and a $0.005/kWh discount when enrolling in Stat Rewards.3
*The prices above were last updated on 7/9/2024 and may vary depending on the utility.

What customers are saying about Just Energy

I heard about Just Energy through a friend of mine. I went with them because of their low rate, and I save more energy too. With their service, our bills went down. Their people were nice as well.

Franklin Powe

The apartment complex recommended Just Energy. I did the transfer online within 5 minutes and got a verification email on it where we’re good. I really appreciate the simplicity…

Logan Muehlstein

“I locked in lower rates than I was previously paying when enrolling with Just Energy, saving me money! It is a solid company. The energy service has been great, and the customer experience has been excellent.

Brian Willaman

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Elevate your Just Energy experience by joining GoodBundle – a premium membership offering a blend of unbeatable discounts and sustainability.

Make a difference for the planet with your GoodBundle membership, offsetting a portion of your energy usage through carbon credits.
Receive exclusive discounts on your electricity rate and HomeWater products.
Choose the membership tier that fits your lifestyle, offering unique benefits like carbon credits and fee protections.
Join GoodBundle over the phone and start enjoying the perks of a more affordable energy experience.

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Texas Electricity Plans

Free Nights and Weekends Electricity

Experience unmatched flexibility with our Free Nights and Weekends electricity plans.

Explore Free Nights and Weekends Plans

Power up worry-free during evenings and weekends. Say goodbye to additional expenses, as you enjoy electricity without the added costs during these specified times.

  • Enjoy free electricity between 9:00 pm and 7:00 am every day with our Nights Free electricity plan.
  • Receive free electricity between 7:00 pm Fridays to 11:59 pm on Sundays with our Weekends Free electricity plan.
  • Relax worry-free during free nights or weekends – indulge in leisure without added electricity costs during these times.
  • Make the most of free nights or weekends for high-energy tasks, such as EV charging, laundry, or keeping cool with the AC in the summer – affordable electricity at its finest!
  • Enhance your commitment to sustainability by adding 100% Green Energy during your free nights and weekends, offsetting your carbon footprint.
  • No unexpected fees or surprise charges here, it’s all on the table.
Texas Electricity Plans

Fixed-rate Energy Plans

With our fixed-rate energy plans, you will enjoy stability, control and peace of mind for your home’s electricity usage.

Shop Fixed-rate Plans

Just Energy’s fixed-rate plans deliver an array of benefits, ensuring a worry-free and budget-friendly experience.

  • Know exactly what to expect each month with a fixed-rate plan, eliminating the uncertainty of fluctuating energy prices.
  • Be prepared for any weather event, whether winter storms or scorching heat waves, with the resilience of a fixed-rate plan.
  • Shield yourself from the impact of rising prices by locking in a fixed-rate, protecting yourself from inflation over time.
  • Easily manage your monthly budget with consistent and stable energy costs throughout the duration of your plan.
Texas Electricity Plans

Apartment & Short-Term Electricity Plans

Convenience is redefined with our electricity plans that are perfect for apartment living and short-term needs.

Find a Plan

Just Energy offers short terms, ensuring flexibility and seamless power for your unique lifestyle.

  • Our 12-month term plans are perfect for shorter commitments and well-suited for apartment dwellers or those seeking a temporary solution.
  • Just Energy’s Simple Choice plan offers an affordable rate, predictable bills, and a straightforward electricity experience.
  • Navigate your short-term commitment effortlessly with our hassle-free power solutions designed for your convenience.
  • Take your Just Energy electricity plan with you when you move, ensuring uninterrupted service wherever life takes you.
Texas Electricity Plans

Green Energy Plans

Join Just Energy in making impactful and budget-conscious decisions with our Texas green energy plans. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our green products, which feature 100% renewable content through clean sources like hydro, wind, or biomass to offset every bit of your household electricity.

Find Green Energy Plans

Simplified Green Choices, Powered by Your Plan

Easily contribute to a better future through your electricity plan with Just Energy’s green energy options. We’ve made it simple to align your lifestyle with eco-friendly practices without any hassle.

100% Green Nights Free Plan

Embrace eco-conscious choices and budget-friendly benefits.

  • Enjoy FREE electricity every night from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am.
  • Your nights are powered by 100% green energy.
  • Rest easy with cost-free nights that make both your pocket and the planet happy.

Power Up Any Plan with 100% Green Energy!

Upgrade any electricity plan to eco-friendly heights instantly.

  • Add 100% green energy to any electricity plan for just $9.99/month.
  • Customize your plan and keep it green.
  • Boost your commitment to sustainability without compromising plan flexibility.
Texas Electricity Plans

No Deposit Electricity

We understand the importance of convenience and quick enrollment, which is why we offer no-deposit enrollment for eligible customers.

Call to Enroll Deposit Free


  • Qualify for no-deposit enrollment with a passing credit score, making it accessible for customers with an excellent credit history.
  • No-deposit electricity is also available through an approved deposit waiver.4
  • Enjoy the convenience of quick enrollment, ensuring you get connected without unnecessary delays.
  • Enroll in our no-deposit electricity service over the phone with assistance from our dedicated team of energy advisors.
Texas Electricity Plans

Solar Buyback Plans

Step into a sustainable energy future by being a part of our solar buyback program, specially designed for customers utilizing the power of solar panels.

Call to Enroll


Join our solar buyback program to harness the power of the sun and make a shining impact on your energy journey.

  • Customers enrolled on any Just Energy electricity plan5 with solar panels at their premises are eligible.
  • By completing our interconnection agreement, seamlessly integrate your solar panels with our solar buyback program for a hassle-free experience.
  • Receive bill credits for excess power generated by your solar panels, turning your energy surplus into savings.
  • Contribute positively to the grid by creating and supplying 100% renewable power, fostering a sustainable energy ecosystem.

Affordable Energy for Texas Cities Since 2002

Power Your Life with Just Energy’s Houston Electricity Plans

Power Your Life with Just Energy’s Houston Electricity Plans

As the Energy Hub of Texas, Houston deserves power you can trust. Just Energy offers a variety of electricity plans crafted to suit the diverse needs of Houstonians. Experience reliability and customization in every watt – because your energy should be as unique as your city.

Transparent Pricing: Discover fixed-rate plans with no hidden fees for clear and predictable energy bills. 

Diverse Energy Plans: Explore a range of plans, term lengths, and features tailored to meet every household’s unique needs.

Green Energy Options: Choose eco-friendly plans to support a sustainable future for our community.

Apartment-Friendly Plans: We are among the best electric companies for apartments in Houston.

Trusted Provider: Join thousands of Houstonians relying on Just Energy; our established history and positive experiences speak volumes.

Award Winning Customer Service: Our dedicated team is ready to assist with any questions on our Texas energy plans.

Houston Energy Our plans will suit your Houston lifestyle, no matter what that might be!

Dallas Electricity Plans for Everyone

Dallas Electricity Plans for Everyone

Just Energy is your go-to energy provider in Dallas, providing plans for every lifestyle and budget in our vibrant city. Explore our straightforward fixed-rate plans, green energy options, and popular free nights and weekend choices. Your perfect Dallas electricity plan awaits!
Dependable Provider: Join the growing Dallas community relying on Just Energy as their trusted electric provider in Texas.

Customer Service Excellence: Our care team is always ready to assist and answer your questions.

Varied Energy Solutions: We’ve got plans for every Dallas household with various plans, terms, and features available.

Apartment-Ready Plans: Our diverse and affordable plans put us among Dallas’ best electric companies for apartments.

Clear Pricing: Enjoy the simplicity of fixed-rate plans, ensuring your energy bills stay clear and predictable.

Green Energy: Embrace environmentally friendly plans to help protect the climate for tomorrow.

Dallas Power Unleashed: With expertly crafted plans designed with the pulse of Dallas in mind, we’ve got you covered Big D!

Energize Your Lifestyle with Our Fort Worth Electricity Plans

Energize Your Lifestyle with Our Fort Worth Electricity Plans

Fort Worth deserves power that mirrors its vibrant spirit. Just Energy introduces a suite of electricity plans, each intended to meet the diverse needs of Fort Worth residents. Immerse yourself in dependability and rewarding options – because your energy journey should echo the unique charm of Cowtown.
Simple Pricing: Enjoy the ease of fixed-rate plans, ensuring transparency and predictability in your energy bills. 

Plan Options: We offer a range of plans with varying term lengths and features so you can choose what best suits your Fort Worth household.

Apartment Living: Our assortment of affordable plans makes us a top choice among electric companies, ensuring amazing energy solutions for Fort Worth apartments.

Go Green: Embrace green energy alternatives and contribute to a sustainable future for the Fort Worth community.

Outstanding Customer Care: Our dedicated team stands ready to assist with any questions or concerns about Fort Worth energy plans.

Fort Worth Flair: Our energy experience is designed to evolve with you to keep pace with this beautiful city’s unique rhythm.

Powering Dreams with Our Arlington Electricity Plans

Powering Dreams with Our Arlington Electricity Plans

Nestled in the heart of Texas, “The American Dream City,’ can take confidence in Just Energy, a trusted choice for over a million satisfied customers. Enjoy reliability and great energy options that ignite a power journey that resonates with the unique character of this Texas gem.
Decades of Texas Legacy: With over 20 years of dedicated service, Just Energy stands as a trusted energy partner woven into Arlington’s rich history.

Transparent Rates, Clear Bills: The simplicity of our fixed-rate plans ensures your energy bills are transparent and predictable.

Sustainability: We make choosing eco-conscious energy options easy so you can positively impact Arlington’s future.

Apartments: Our hassle-free plans offer short terms and amazing flexibility, making them perfect for apartments in Arlington.

Caring Customer Service: Our attentive team is here to assist you, delivering personalized support and energy guidance.

Arlington’s Unique Essence: Just Energy’s flexible services ensure our electricity solutions adapt to the diverse needs of The Agg.

Illuminate Your Path with Our Plano Electricity Plans

Illuminate Your Path with Our Plano Electricity Plans

Plano, renowned as “The City of Excellence,” calls for an energy provider that matches its radiance. Just Energy proudly offers a range of electricity plans that are sure to cater to Plano residents’ varied needs. Get ready for an unparalleled energy journey Plano!
Clear Rates: Our simple, fixed-rate plans offer crystal-clear and predictable energy bills for effortless management.

Choices: Just Energy’s assortment of electricity plans offer a variety of term lengths and features, sure to meet the needs of all Plano households. 

Sustainable Power for Plano: Actively support a better future for The City of Excellence, leaving an eco-friendly imprint with our green energy solutions. 

Your Trusted Energy Partner: Join the thriving Plano community that relies on Just Energy as their go-to electric provider.

Unparalleled Customer Service: You can always rely on our caring agents to help you navigate your energy journey and answer all your questions.

Powering the Pulse in The Heart of Texas: Waco Electricity Plans

Powering the Pulse in The Heart of Texas: Waco Electricity Plans

Waco needs an energy provider to keep its spirit aglow in this great Texas city. Immerse yourself in quality and customizable options because your energy journey should be just that, yours. With over two decades of experience, Just Energy is the best choice for Waco homes.
Bright Plans: The clarity of our plans ensures easy to understand and predictable energy bills.

Glow Sustainably: Our green energy plans and add-ons make turning your electricity plan eco-friendly quick and simple.

Choice is King: Our plans have a wide spectrum of term lengths, features, and perks; you decide what works best for you.

Your Trusted Light Keeper: Be a part of the thriving Waco community, enjoying the benefits of Just Energy’s service and reputation.

Waco’s Unique Warmth: Our diverse assortment of electricity plans ensures that no matter your lifestyle and needs, we’ve got a plan just right for you.

El Paso Electricity Plans: Just Energy Shines Bright

El Paso Electricity Plans: Just Energy Shines Bright

El Paso, basking under the Texas sun, beckons for an energy partner that shines light on every corner. Just Energy brings you a range of electricity plans that are sure to fit the needs of El Paso residents. Dive into dependable and tailored service – because your home’s energy should shine.
20 Years of Brightness: Just Energy has been a shining light in Texas over two decades, making us a trusted choice.

Clear and Simple Bills: Our fixed-rate plans ensure your energy bills are as clear as the sunny El Paso sky.

Made for Every Home: Choose from various plans, term lengths, and features to get the best energy service for your household.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: Go green with our sustainable energy options, contributing to a brighter future for The Sun City.

Apartment-Friendly: Our short-term and flexible electricity plans fit seamlessly into apartment-style living.

Lighting Up the Lower Rio Grande: Just Energy’s Electricity Plans

Lighting Up the Lower Rio Grande: Just Energy’s Electricity Plans

In the embrace of the Lower Rio Grande’s charm, where Texan allure thrives, a bright energy provider makes all the difference. Our affordable rates and outstanding reputation make us the top choice for residents in Lower Rio Grande – experience the Just Energy difference!
Clear Billing: Our fixed-rate plans ensure your energy bills are as clear as the Rio Grande’s flowing waters.

20 Years in Texas: Just Energy has illuminated the Lone Star State for more than two decades, earning trust as a reliable choice. 

Something for Everyone: Explore a variety of plans, term lengths, and features – we’ve got your needs covered.

Bilingual Customer Service: Our dedicated customer care team speaks English and Spanish, delivering clear communication and assistance for Lower Rio Grande.

Green Energy: Enjoy sustainable energy alternatives, helping your Lower Rio Grande community thrive into the future.

Just Energy’s Electricity Plans for Corpus Christi

Just Energy’s Electricity Plans for Corpus Christi

The Sparkling City by the Sea needs an energy partner that knows its ebbs and flows. Just Energy’s affordable and diverse electricity plans service your community perfectly. We are here to power your homes and lives with first-class energy solutions.

Choice Matters: Our variety of plan types, lengths, and features are designed to match your unique needs, whatever they may be. 

Simple Billing: Our fixed-rate plans ensure your energy bills are as clear as the waters along the Corpus Christi coastline.

Go Green: Choose a green energy plan or turn any other plan green with our handy environmentally friendly options.

Your Beacon of Trust: With over two decades of excellence, Just Energy is your top choice for electricity service in Corpus Christi.

We Know Apartments: Our flexible and short-term plans are ideal for the apartment lifestyle, keeping your energy hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Electricity Plans

How to choose the best electricity plan in Texas?

Choosing the best electricity plan in Texas involves considering your specific needs and lifestyle. Start by assessing your average energy consumption, then explore our diverse range of residential electricity plans tailored to fit different lifestyles. To ensure affordability, compare energy plans, focusing on the features that matter most to you. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest electricity plans or affordable options near you, Just Energy has a variety of plans to suit your preferences.

What is the difference in electricity plans in Texas?

The difference in electricity plans in Texas lies in their structure and features. Just Energy offers a variety of plans, each with unique benefits. Whether you prioritize flexibility, cost savings, or sustainable energy, our plans cater to your needs. From affordable plans near you to plans with perks, we provide options that align with your lifestyle. Explore the distinction between fixed-rate, variable-rate, and green energy plans to find the perfect fit for your home.

How do I determine the cheapest electricity plan?

To determine the cheapest electricity plan, consider your energy usage patterns and explore the various plans Just Energy offers. Compare energy plans based on your preferences, whether it’s for affordability, environmental impact, or flexibility. Our range of residential electricity plans includes options for those seeking the most affordable plans near them. Look for exclusive discounts, explore our membership programs like GoodBundle, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service for personalized guidance on finding the most suitable electricity plan for your needs.

What to look for in an energy plan?

When comparing energy plans for your home in Texas, it's crucial to consider a few key factors. Firstly, examine the types of plans that best suit your needs, whether it's a fixed-rate plan for stability, a green energy plan for sustainability, a free nights or weekends plan for added flexibility, or something better suited for an apartment. Next, analyze the plan's terms and conditions, including contract length and any potential fees. Reviewing the energy provider's reputation for reliability and customer service is also essential. At Just Energy, we understand the importance of finding the right plan tailored to your needs. Explore our range of options, from straightforward fixed-rate electricity plans to eco-friendly green energy alternatives. With Just Energy, you can trust our commitment to providing reliable service and competitive rates for your residential electricity needs in Texas.

What is a fixed-rate electricity plan?

A fixed-rate electricity plan offers stability and predictability for your energy bills. With a fixed-rate plan, the rate you pay for electricity remains constant throughout your contract, regardless of fluctuations in the energy market. This type of plan provides peace of mind, knowing that your monthly bills won't unexpectedly increase due to market changes. A fixed-rate electricity plan can be an excellent option for those seeking stability in their energy costs. At Just Energy, we offer a variety of fixed-rate plans designed to fit different lifestyles and budgets. Explore our options and find the perfect plan for your residential electricity needs.

Who are the best electricity providers in Texas?

When choosing the best electricity provider near you in Texas, several factors come into play. Look for an electric provider with a solid reputation for reliability, competitive rates, and excellent customer service. At Just Energy, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and reputable energy provider serving the Texas market for over 20 years. As a retail electric provider, your utility will be determined based on where you live, with major Texas utilities including CenterPoint Energy, Oncor, Lubbock Power & Light, AEP Texas, and Texas-New Mexico Power. We offer various plans tailored to meet different lifestyles and budgets. With Just Energy, you can count on reliable service and competitive rates to power your home. Explore our options and make the smart choice for your residential electricity needs in Texas.


  1. While Just Energy does not charge any fees for transferring services within Texas, please check with your utility for potential additional charges. In the event of a utility change due to relocation, you must choose a new plan.
  2. Just Energy will help you find a plan that fits your needs. Please note that new plans will come with a new contract and the end date of the new contract will change to reflect the terms of the new plan. There is no fee to make a plan change, but you will be subjected to the terms and conditions of the new plan.
  3. Stat Rewards program is valid for Texas customers only. Upon acceptance, you will receive a half-cent ($0.005) discount per kWh used within 1 – 2 billing cycles. This discount will remain if your thermostat stays connected and you remain active in the program. You will also receive a $50 bill credit within 90 days of acceptance. You must own an approved Amazon or Honeywell thermostat to be eligible and maintain an active status in the Connected Savings ® platform. View the list of approved thermostats here.
  4. Just Energy provides waivers of a deposit if you are a Senior Citizen age 65 or older and are not currently delinquent in payment of any electric service account or a Victim of Family Violence. Additional documentation may be required.
  5. Plan eligibility subject to change.

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