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California natural gas deregulation

Prior to the 1980s, California was a regulated state, which meant that residents weren’t able to choose their natural gas company. Strict regulations governed every step of the natural gas process, from storage to consumer sales. The California energy commission began gradually relaxing and reshaping laws starting in the late 1980s, and by the early 1990s, Californians saw a significant change in how they purchased natural gas.

Today, the California energy market is officially deregulated. The current state of affairs encourages competition and gives consumers the power to choose their own natural gas company. Deregulation didn’t change natural gas distribution significantly, but it did affect how natural gas travels from the gas utility to customers by creating gas providers that exist separately from gas utilities.

Just Energy is a natural gas provider. We communicate with gas utilities, who deliver the natural gas we purchase to our customers’ homes and apartments. Your utility is responsible for maintaining natural gas lines and ensuring smooth delivery.

Switch natural gas providers

When you consider gas companies in California, think about what factors are most important to you. If you haven’t been happy with your natural gas service in the past, then don’t settle. Deregulation means you can switch your gas company without interrupting power to your home. Whether it’s costs, service, or plan options that are inspiring you to switch, shop around until you find the best option for you—it’s your right.

Once you’re ready to switch, follow the three easy steps below to get started:

Thinking about switching but want to learn more about plans first?

Step 1

Call Just Energy and work with an experienced energy advisor to find the right new plan for you.

Step 2

Get in touch with your current natural gas supplier and let them know you’re switching.

Step 3

Go check the surf, head for the mountains, or kick back and relax—Just Energy will take care of the rest.

What to expect from Just Energy natural gas plans

Just Energy plans are designed for all customers, whether you’re a first-time renter, seasoned homeowner, or somewhere in-between.

Fixed Rates

Variable rate plans often start out with an enticing rate, but that rate can change at any time. Fixed rate plans are much more predictable:

  • Secure your rate for the duration of your contract.
  • Avoid fluctuations in energy costs
  • Make budgeting for your energy costs easier

Varied Contract Lengths

Everyone has different needs when it comes to contract length, which is why Our customers have more flexibility with Just Energy’s varied contract lengths:

  • Allow you to secure a lower rate per term for a longer contract.
  • Will transfer with you if you move to a new area
  • Are reasonable enough in length to allow you to plan ahead if you move to an area Just Energy doesn’t serve

Green Energy

Going green is an admirable goal, but tough to achieve with a busy schedule. Simplify sustainability with JustGreen renewable energy:

  • Offsets energy usage with renewable energy credits for a small monthly fee⁺⁺
  • Supports clean energy by replacing the power you use with up to 100% renewable energy
  • Makes renewable energy available to the entire grid

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the monthly cost of gas in California?

On average, Californians pay about $40/month for natural gas, according to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Since this number is a statewide average, your bill could still differ significantly depending on several factors. 

Home type and size, household size, and the area of the state in which you live are all factors that affect your actual bill, as does the cost of natural gas itself. 

In general, natural gas prices fluctuate throughout the year, and can rise and fall depending on a variety of factors. Take the statewide average into account when budgeting and shopping, but know that your rate could vary. 

How much is natural gas per therm in California

California natural gas rates vary month-to-month, but California’s milder climate keeps average costs lower for residents. In 2018, residents paid an average of $1.25 per therm for natural gas. Again, your actual rate may differ for several reasons, including contract length, usage, and whether or not you have a fixed or variable rate plan. 

In California, renewable energy is important to residents, but it can cost more than the state average. If you see rates advertised that are significantly below $1.25/therm while you’re shopping, know that they may be too good to be true. 

Which months are the most expensive for natural gas in California?

Generally, Californians spend more money on natural gas during the cooler winter months. The CPUC finds that statewide, average natural gas bills increase to about $48 per month during the winter, compared to just $22 per month in the summer. That’s still lower than the nationwide average bill of about $60 per month. 

Again, these numbers are averages. California is a geographically diverse state, so depending on where you live, you could see greater differences in your bills between winter and summer months.

What are California’s commercial post term variable rates?

See California’s commercial post term variable rate disclosures here.

Why choose Just Energy as your gas company?

You have plenty of natural gas companies to choose from—what makes Just Energy the best option? To start, Just Energy brings over two decades of experience to the energy industry, and serves close to 2 million homes throughout the United States and Canada. Understanding the industry and our customers allows us to offer high-quality service, products that fit your needs, and extras that make each customer feel valued.

Competitive pricing

Dedicated customer service

Renewable Energy

Report an outage

Electrical outages are common during storms or bad weather. If you’re currently experiencing a power outage or a power-related emergency, report it directly to Just Energy with this form:

⁺⁺JustGreen offsets energy usage through the purchase of renewable energy credits for electricity and JustGreen Gas offset energy usage through the purchase of carbon offsets for natural gas.